Brokers with Mutual Funds (Load, No Load)

Mutual funds come in three different flavors: load, no load, and no transaction fee. Investopedia defines a load as, "A sales charge or commission charged to an investor when buying or redeeming shares in a mutual fund. The fee may be a one-time charge at the time the investor buys into the mutual fund (front-end load), when the investor redeems the mutual fund shares (back-end load), or on an annual basis as a 12b-1 fee." In simple terms, loads are marketing fees.

In today's world of investing, loaded funds can be easily avoided thanks to no load funds and ETFs. Even more significant, there is no performance benefit to buying a loaded mutual fund versus a non loaded fund.

The total number of loaded and non loaded mutual funds offered by each brokerage is listed below. Most funds can be traded via the broker's website or over the phone.

Published on Monday, June 27th, 2016 .

Mutual Funds (No Load) Mutual Funds (Load)
Charles Schwab 10413 6515
E*TRADE 4428 3065
Firstrade 4651 7621
Merrill Edge 2691 13572
OptionsHouse 4650 7625
Scottrade 7251 6777
SogoTrade 4652 7624
TD Ameritrade 5560 7284
TradeKing 4516 7589

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