Brokers with Mutual Funds including NTF

Well over ten thousand mutual funds exist in the investment universe. The full service brokerages make most of these funds available for purchase through their websites, trade platforms, or over the phone via IVR or as a broker assisted trade.

No transaction funds (NTF) are a specific type of mutual fund (the other two types are loaded and non loaded mutual funds) where there is no commission charged to buy or sell the fund. One cautionary note however, NTF funds sometimes carry higher management fees than transaction funds. Investors should also be aware that NTF can carry a short term redemption fee if the fund is sold too quickly, usually within 30 - 60 days.

Drawbacks aside, NTF mutual funds are a far better proposition than loaded funds. The total number of NTF, alongside mutual funds overall, for each brokerage is listed below.

Published on Monday, June 27th, 2016 .

Mutual Funds (Total) Mutual Funds (NTF)
Charles Schwab 16928 7529
E*TRADE 7493 2920
Firstrade 12745 473
Merrill Edge 16263 2297
OptionsHouse 12275 0
Scottrade 13968 2718
SogoTrade 12276 343
TD Ameritrade 13443 3547
TradeKing 12087 0

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