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TradeKing Outage Reaches Three Days – Website and Trading Issues


Looks like TradeKing’s scheduled weekend maintenance update has turned into a nightmare.


Online Brokers 2015 Fourth Quarter Earnings Review

A look at the publicly-traded online brokers earnings releases from the fourth quarter of 2015. How did the industry do as a whole? How did the individual brokers do? We’ll take an in-depth look inside.


SogoTrade Releases SogoPlay Options Analysis Tool

SogoTrade has launched a new platform, SogoPlay, for options trade ideas and analysis. The new platform is a secondary platform for customers to utilize, with SogoOptions being the primary platform. Both are web based.

SogoPlay is a licensed version of third party platform provider OptionsPlay. An important perk here for SogoTrade customers is that the platform is free to use whereas OptionsPlay by itself is a paid monthly subscription product.

etrade tipranks social sentiment

ETRADE Launches TipRanks Social Sentiment Analysis

ETRADE has launched its new TipRanks functionality which promises to serve as a, “one-stop shop for aggregated stock analyst recommendations, analyst rankings, and social sentiment.”

Social sentiment and analysis is quickly becoming a hot new trend in the brokerage industry, one that is monitoring closely. In fact, in the 2016 Broker Review set to be published February 16th, a brand new variable was added for social sentiment analysis.


Schwab Adds 14 Commission-Free ETFs

Schwab ETF OneSource has added 14 commission-free ETFs. Find out about the new offerings and the providers who have joined the program. Square Logo