Earlier this month we posted about the kick off of the 2015 thinkorswim Challenge from TD Ameritrade (AMTD). The competition is open to the first 2,000 teams that enter and registration closes on Monday October 5 at 11:59 pm eastern. Prizes will be awarded to the top weekly teams as well as the top three teams at the end of the four-week contest period overall.

Before the contest began, thinkorswim set the goal of having a team entered from every state. How are they doing so far? You can follow along and see all the teams who have entered so far from the thinkorswimchallenge website. Below is a look at the map of signups through Monday September 28. Note that the contest website fully describes who is eligible for this contest and lays out all the rules as well.


With one week remaining until registration closes, there are just a little more than 300 teams entered in the competition, so there are plenty of spots left for your team if you want to take part in the challenge!