The Charles Schwab Trade Source platform has added a new markets tab. With the markets tab, users are able to search for, analyze, and place trades using relevant market information with visualized data that can be interpreted at a glance. blogged about the new Trade Source platform earlier this year. Schwab is adding new features to the Trade Source platform, and the markets tab is the latest additional feature.

The markets tab is designed to help investors monitor the market with quickly accessible and relevant market information. The Stay Connected feature helps users stay on top of the latest actionable news related to his or her individual holdings. The market’s biggest movers are easily accessed through this tab. Sector mover and global indices are also part of the information available to users. The Today’s Events section displays significant events related to your holdings and other categories. believes the Trade Source platform is terrific, and we are excited to see it evolve. This is a really new platform that will likely look a lot different in the coming quarters. We hope to see an upgrade to real-time streaming quotes in the future. We would also like to see a responsive design of this platform.

Below are some screen shots to give you some examples of some of the features of the markets tab.

trade source markets 1

trade source markets 2

trade source markets 3

trade source markets 4