The brand new Apple Watch is on sale now with the first pre-orders expected to arrive on April 24. Judging from the reports received thus far, this is set to be a popular watch. E*TRADE (ETFC) made a big announcement last Friday regarding the Apple Watch. E*TRADE has an Apple Watch App ready to go . It will be released on April 24, the same day the first Apple Watches arrive. The E*TRADE Apple Watch App is designed to deliver essential market data in a simple and engaging way. What can users expect from this app?

-Visual snapshots of major market indices as well as volume and performance information

-Easy-to-glance summary of accounts, portfolios and watch lists

-Customizable notifcations regarding specific positions, the market as a whole, and order statuses

-Handoff functionality with a transition from watch to phone for further in-depth research on the E*TRADE Mobile App

Kunal Vaed, SVP of Digital Transformation and Active Traders at E*TRADE, stated, “Our app offers investors and traders a new, intuitive way to track the markets and their portfolios wherever they are. It builds upon our leading iPhone app, re-envisioned for the Apple Watch.”

E*TRADE was ready for this key release from Apple, and they didn’t waste any time preparing an app for investors to use with the new product. For more details on the new app release, click here for the full press release.

Now, the part we’re most excited to share with you, a look at some images of the new E*Trade Apple Watch App.