E*TRADE (ETFC) has become one of the most consistent Super Bowl advertisers over the last few years. For several years, E*TRADE tried different strategies with its Super Bowl advertising, but in 2008 the online broker decided to turn to the E*TRADE baby. The marketing firm behind the E*TRADE baby actually had serious doubts that this idea, but those doubts were quickly erased. After Super Bowl 42, when the Giants beat the Patriots, the E*TRADE baby was one of the most talked about commercials at the water coolers. The day after Super Bowl 42, E*TRADE registered more new accounts than it had in any other day in the company’s history. The success of that first advertisement led to a long line of E*TRADE baby commercials.

The latest in the line of the E*TRADE baby commercials was aired Sunday night during Super Bowl 47. In this commercial, the baby talks about how investors can lose thousands of dollars in hidden fees in 401k accounts. He then talks about how E*TRADE has low cost investments with no hidden fees. The baby then wonders aloud about how you could blow that cash if you are so determined to blow it, and that’s where the commercial received high marks from viewers once again.

How big has the E*TRADE baby become? He even has his own twitter account with nearly 12,000 followers! Check out the newest E*TRADE baby commercial from Super Bowl 47 below.