E*TRADE (ETFC) has launched a brand new retirement center experience. It’s a very interactive experience that has added a number of helpful tools. The main page gives users the ability to map out their journey to retirement and easily find where they currently are on that journey. Below is a screenshot of the new retirement center home page.

ETRADE retirement starting point


There are now three tabs to simplify the process for users. The Starting to Save tab gives an idea of how much you could save by retirement and gives users a look at the power of compounding returns. Just as the tab would suggest, it’s a good place for investors to start when looking at the retirement process.

ETRADE retirement center 2

The Building Your Wealth tab has a powerful new interactive widget which allows users to find a proper allocation level for them based on their risk or investing comfort zone. The widget includes historical average returns as well as worst and best 12 month returns for each allocation level.

The Living in Retirement tab also has a unique new widget that users should find very interesting. This widget is designed to help investors determine how much they will really need for retirement. It also allows users to estimate their annual retirement income.

The all accounts and compare accounts pages help investors see what type of retirement investments best fit their individual needs. Investors are able to view contribution limits, eligibility limits, withdrawal rules, and overall benefits of each investment. Below is an example of a comparison of the Roth IRA and the Traditional IRA.

ETRADE retirement center 3


For users that are having a more difficult time finding the right retirement plan for them E*TRADE has created a New Account Finder Wizard. By answering several simple questions, investors are pointed in the right direction by the wizard.

The entire retirement center experience has a responsive design and is very easy to use. Hiram Veciana, VP of E*TRADE Financial’s Web Channel, said, “We added more intuitive content and links so investors can move from research to action with ease.”

The new E*TRADE Retirement Center  is ready to go, and users will see the changes when they login.