E*TRADE (ETFC) recently announced the findings on mobile investing behavior from the most recent wave of StreetWise, the online broker’s quarterly tracking study of experienced investors. Since mobile investing is growing at such an impressive clip across the industry, the data from this study is very useful.

Interesting Findings from the Study

-34 percent of investors use their smartphones very or somewhat frequently for investing purposes. That’s 4 percent higher than the findings of this study a year ago.

-The ability to invest on the go is considered “critical” by 64 percent of all investors and by 81 percent of investors under 44.

-51 percent of investors and 70 percent of investors under 44 plan to increase their use of smartphones when it comes to investing in the next year.

-Checking stock quotes is the most popular investing activity performed on smartphones (42 percent) and monitoring a portfolio is second at 37 percent.

-Following the recent introduction of the Apple Watch, 31 percent of investors say they want wearables for monitoring their portfolio. StockBrokers.com blogged about the E*TRADE Apple Watch app in April.

Kunal Vaed, E*TRADE SVP of Digital Transformation and Active Trading Platforms, said that investors are clearly saying that mobile is indispensable. He said, “Today’s savvy investors want to be on the cutting edge of digital.”

Clearly, the move to more mobile is far from over in the industry.

Click here for the E*TRADE’s full report on Today’s Mobile Investors.