E*TRADE (ETFC) recently announced the results of its latest StreetWise tracking study. The results show that retirement savings weighs heavily on the minds of investors and many wish they had learned more about saving for retirement.

A few tidbits from the study:

-“Saving for Retirement” is the finance course investors most wish they had taken in school.

-Almost 50 percent of experienced investors would have enrolled in “Saving for Retirement”

-Not having enough saved for retirement is a greater fear than physical injury or job loss.

-Retirement is reason number one why experienced investors save for the long term

-Nearly a quarter of investors have made early withdrawals from a retirement account

-Of those who have made the early withdrawals, nearly half of them under the age of 55 regret that decision

“Education and discipline are crucial to a regret-free retirement savings plan,” said Lena Haas, SVP, Retirement, Investing and Savings at E*TRADE Financial. She went on to say that learning never stops and investors of all experience levels can benefit from additional education on how to prepare for retirement.

Ms. Haas spoke of multiple courses ranging from beginner to advanced level offered at E*TRADE to help investors plan for retirement. The investing curriculum can be tailored to the specific investor through the E*TRADE Investor Education Center.

For the full StreetWise findings click here.