Fidelity Investments is taking the important step of upgrading their website to become totally responsive to clients needs. No matter what device the client is on, from their desktop to smartphone, the experience is similar. The Accounts & Trade Experience at is going to look different moving forward. Let’s take a look at three of the key changes.

Birds-Eye View of Account from Summary Page- This new page allows users to get an overview of account activity and key market data. This page includes extra insight and guidance. You’ll also have the ability to select multiple accounts or view your entire portfolio at once.

-Streamlined Navigation- This upgrade makes it much easier for users to navigate from one page to another quickly. Easy access to common tasks is now right at your fingertips from anywhere on the site. The site is now touch-friendly across mobile, desktop, as well as tablets.

-New Sort and Filter Options- These new options allow the user more control how to view portfolio positions.

Essentially, Fidelity has made the important first step of making their website 100% responsive to customers needs. The improved navigation should definitely be popular with investors. Fidelity is welcoming all feedback on the new online experience. Customers can simply click the “feedback” link when logged in.

Below are a few screenshots that preview the look of the new experience. Click here for more information on the site redesign.

Fidelity update 08251

Fidelity update 08252

Fidelity update 08254