Better late than never.

Firstrade is now finally offering extended hours trading to its customers. Customers will now be able to trade more freely without time constraints, and this extended-hours trading will allow for instant reaction to many news releases outside of market hours. The discount broker will allow extended-hours trading between the hours of 8:05 AM to 9:25 AM in the morning. Hours will be 4:05 PM to 5:25 PM for after hours trading in the late afternoon. Extended-hours trading will be available Monday through Friday except for holidays.

Some Points to Remember Regarding the Extended Hours Trading at Firstrade

-This trading is available to customers who have read and accepted the Extended-Hours Disclosure Agreement. Limit orders only are accepted.

-The extended-hours market is separate from the traditional hours market. No orders will carry over.

-Orders may be changed or cancelled at any point before they are executed.

-The price is $6.95 for online equity orders and $26.95 for broker-assisted equity orders

-Firstrade uses NASDAQ for its extended-hours trading services.

Subscribing to Firstrade Extended-Hours trading:

-Log in to your account>go to My Accounts>Profile>Account Status>Extended-Hours Trading> Click Subscribe

A screen shot of how to subscribe to the extended-hours trading with Firstrade is shown below:

firstrade extended hours