Interactive Brokers announced that it will be the first online broker to offer direct access to IEX to its investors, traders, and institutions. IEX bills itself as a platform designed to resist the techniques of high-frequency traders. Extra cable lengths are built into the system to slow down some transactions and limit the number of complex order types.

If you follow the stock market at all, then you likely have heard of the massive battle on Wall Street in the past week over high-frequency trading. Michael Lewis said on 60 minutes last weekend that the stock market is “rigged.” The epic debate that ensued Tuesday on CNBC enthralled the NYSE floor as well as much of the social media universe. To say that the debate was spirited is a major understatement. It seems this a fight that isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Interactive Brokers wants to make clear that it doesn’t want to take sides in the fight. Steve Sanders of Interactive Brokers, said “Our view is that we’re always happy to hook in any new exchange that’s going to get our customers best-price execution.”

The service is expected to begin in the next five to ten days. Interactive Brokers customers will be able to allow the IB SmartRouting technology to help them decide which exchange to execute the order on, or they will be able to specify that they wish to send their stock order directly to IEX.

For more information on Interactive Brokers adding IEX as an electronic trading venue click here for the full press release.

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