MB Trading has launched a new and improved client support center and centralized customer assistance system. Clients will be able to have real-time chats, find documents quicker, discover FAQ’s, receive firm-wide broadcasts, and much more through this new system with multiple enhancements. Clients should already notice a difference in the MB Trading Support Center, but the firm said that further enhancements are due to be implemented later in June. The login process for the client portal has been refined. Access is now via the Login button at the top of the site. The biggest plus is that the entire client portal is now under one and header and menu system.

There is now a new Knowledge Base system under the support menu. The Knowledge Base system is designed to help customers who need answers right away. Search a specific question in the new Knowledge Base and the system will search for answers in Knowledge Base, Tutorials, as well as customer forums. Here’s a look at the new Knowledge Base Setup:

mb trading knowledgebase


If a client cannot find the question to his or her answer, MB Trading has a support team to help via online chat, phone, Skype, or their ticket tracking system.

Essentially, MB Trading has brought several different divisions and services together into one centralized point. Providers like ZenDesk (ZEN) and Freshdesk help companies provide improved customer service through their SAAS platforms by bridging together things such as FAQ’s, email, live chat, etc. support under one roof.

MB Trading has taken steps to make life easier on the client, and improved customer service is always vital.

In the StockBrokers.com 2014 Online Broker Review MB Trading was rated 4 stars for Platforms & Tools.