This week MB Trading released news of their new tiered options commission plan for all retail clients. Based on the number of contracts per trade, rates are as low as $0.15 per contract. MB Trading is currently running an exclusive offer with of 1,000 Commission Free Trades.

Prior to the new tiered pricing, customers were charged $0.95 per contract with a $1 minimum, per trade.  The new commission schedule is setup into four tiers:

$0.95 per contract | 1-10 contracts
$0.60 per contract | 11-100 contracts
$0.35 per contract | 101-250 contracts
$0.15 per contract | over 251 contracts

According to Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading, options are an important factor for their business model. They are currently Beta testing an advanced options order UI for their web-based platform. Mr. Ditlove stated, “MB Trading has always been about balancing a combination of low costs, great technology, and hands-on customer service.”