Merrill Edge clients should notice some new enhancements on the site this week. The most important is an overall fresh site redesign. The main site navigation has been upgraded to give clients a new look that is both more visually attractive and easier to navigate from.Let’s take a look at a few of the things you should look for in the Merrill Edge site redesign.

  1. New and improved menus allow users to navigate to their favorite features of the site quickly.
  2. Find a list of all your accounts next to the page title- from here you can view all accounts or select a specific account to view
  3. Manage your account using the “I want to” links
  4. Review product solutions designed to help you reach your financial goals

In addition, Merrill Edge has launched the following educational content.

-The Tools and Calculators page- A consolidated view of all of the personal finance and investing tools at your disposal.

-Life Events Content- Helps clients prepare for major life events such as a baby

-Guidance and Retirement Overview- Showcases retirement offerings and planning cabilities

Click here for more information on the Merrill Edge new enhancements.

To give investors an idea of what the new Merrill Edge looks like, below are some screen shots from the site redesign. These are examples of some of the new features.

merrill edge update 0702

merrill edge update 0702 2

merrill edge update 0702 3