OANDA recently announced the launch of fxTradeNOW, a Chrome browser extension that allows for trading directly on any web page. Other current technologies work with a tab of a web browser, as a Chrome extension, this trading interface is embedded within the browser’s overall makeup. This allows traders to trade live forex rates from any webpage. OANDA fxTradeNOW functionality includes real-time quotes, charting in four different time frames, and the ability to enter take profit, stop loss, or trailing stop orders.

Courtney Gibson, vice president of trading at OANDA, believes this is an idea tool for forex traders in the ever-changing nature of the  marketplace.  Gibson said, “In today’s fast-moving market, trading opportunities can come and go in a matter of seconds.” She went on to say that this Chrome browser extension allows traders to act faster, because of the ability to view news and trade on the same page. No doubt, speed is essential to success in today’s forex marketplace.

The fxTradeNOW application is available as a free download in the Chrome web store. OANDA is also planning future releases that will include the ability to modify and close trades, set trade defaults, as well as support for other browsers.

The full press release is available here.

Below is what fxTradeNOW looks like inside a Chrome browser.