Questrade has been busy updating the Questrade IQ trading platforms, and version 3.0 or “Questrade IQ 3.0” is coming very soon. The Questrade platforms are now three years old, and the online broker says they wanted the three year birthday party to be a special one. Questrade is a relatively small online broker, but they are working to gain the trust of more clients with this latest release. The online broker industry is innovating at a quick pace, and no one wants to get left behind. Let’s take a closer look at what clients can expect from the Questrade IQ 3.0.

Three Key Updates 

Bracket Orders- Questrade says in their release notes that bracket orders are the star of this release. What are bracket orders? They are conditional orders that allow you to define what you’re willing to lose while also letting you specify your profit target. They can be added when placing a new order or add them to existing positions. These are completely automated.  It’s important to note that the full functionality of Bracket Orders will be available in only IQ Edge.

Market Movers

Questrade’s new market movers window delivers an overview of the top ten gainers, losers, and most active securities. All the columns in this feature can be customized. This feature will be available in IQ Edge.

News and Insight

The latest market news and insight with a single click with this new feature. News, videos, and expert commentary are all part of the experience here. News notification icons for your specific selected securities have been added. This feature will be available in IQ Edge and IQ Essential.

Image Previews:

Here’s a quick look at the three new features-

Bracket Orders

questrade bracket orders

Market Movers

market movers questrade

News and Insight

news insight questrade

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