Charles Schwab (SCHW) took a major step recently toward further educating investors on the ETF industry. The online broker has been doing some key research and found that this is an area where many investors were looking for more in-depth information. Schwab launched the Schwab ETF Education Exchange to give investors a one-stop resource for insight and intelligence on the markets and ETFs. The site is purely educational and no contributors to the site will promote specific products of any kind. Signing up for the site is completely free.

What kind of benefits can users take advantage of? The site is essentially one big classroom to learn more about ETFs and how they work. The exchange should help investors realize what ETFs should be used for and whether or not they deserve a spot in your inside your portfolio. The Schwab ETF Education Exchange will even deliver content relevant to you based on your stated experience level. If you are an ETF newbie, you’ll be able to learn the basics. If you are an expert in the area, you’ll be able to get as in-depth as you wish. Strategies of how to use ETFs and risk and tax management will be available as well.

In Schwab’s recently conducted study, 45% of investors said they consider themselves novices when it comes to ETFs. Knowledge is powerful, and an education exchange like this one can only benefit investors!

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