Scottrade has released a redesigned version of their iPhone mobile app. The primary goal of the changes appears to be updating the look of the app to be more user-friendly and upgrading the speed of the app. Users will now be able to scroll through all of their investments and get full access to trading and portfolio balance information in a much more timely manner. It is important to note that this is a new app that can be downloaded for free by all Scottrade users.

What’s new with this redesigned iPhone app from Scottrade?

-The ability to transfer funds between your Scottrade Bank and your brokerage account

-The ability to set up watch lists that can be accessed without even logging into your brokerage account

-Real-time quotes available by logging into your account through the app

-Sleek new design which helps users navigate from page to page easily

Scottrade is also planning on releasing an updated Android app in the near future.

Wondering what the new iPhone app looks like? The picture below gives you a good example of the look of the redesigned iPhone app.

scottrade iphone app upgrade

For more information on this app click here to visit the Scottrade Mobile Trading page.