Capital One ShareBuilder, soon to be known as Capital One Investing as we recently blogged about, introduced a selection of new tools recently that were designed to help investors research securities and better understand their investments. Let’s take a look at the new tools available.

What if I Had Invested- This tool allows investors to see how a particular investment would have done during a certain period. Performance is broken down by total gains and losses, market value, total transaction fees, and annualized and cumulative gains. This tool gives investors a more in-depth look at historical performance.

-Portfolio Allocation- Breaks down an investor’s portfolio by asset class, market cap and security. This tool is designed to help the investor better decipher whether their portfolio is properly diversified.

-Performance- Provides a transparent overview of each account’s overall performance. It highlights time-weighted returns for specific periods of time.

-Global Markets Research and Trading Tool on iPad app- This new tool allows investors to track 19 global exchanges (3 domestic and 16 international) and research the indexes, ETFs, mutual funds, and equities that provide exposure to each country or region. Performance can be tracked from the iPad and transactions can be made from the tablet as well.

Below are a couple screenshots of the What If I Had Invested tool as well as the Global Markets iPad app tool.