ShareBuilder has announced the addition of two new tools to its trading platform. The first tool, True Equity Exposure, is designed to give clients a focused understanding of their portfolios diversification. It spans across all assets including ETFs, individual securities, and mutual funds. “True Equity Exposure helps our customers determine if they’re weighted too heavily in a particular security or sector, so they can rebalance accordingly and ensure they are adequately diversified for the long term,” stated Dan Greenshields, President of Capital One Sharebuilder.

The second tool added is the new customizable Heat Maps (shown below) which can be found in the updated Research Center. Investors can easily spot large movers over various stocks, indexes, and funds. In addition, they can see how their portfolio and watch list is performing. Visual breakdown options include indexes, sectors, etc. and it is fairly easy to use from some brief testing we did. Please read our full ShareBuilder Review for additional information.