The ShareBuilder team is in the process of becoming the Capital One Investing Team. wanted to let you know what will and won’t be changing as part of this process. First, all usernames, passwords, and the account overview section of the website are staying the same. Prices are not changing. The overall service and platform will not changing either. What will be changing? Below we take a look at some of the upcoming changes.

New Website Address & Logo will officially change to, complete with the matching logo that is already on the home page. The look of the site will be slightly different, but the investing platform and all the tools will be the same. Users will be notified a few days before the website address changes so they can update their bookmarks.

New Name for Automatic Investing

The ShareBuilder name isn’t being retired. It will become the new name for the Automatic Investment plan. It will now be called the ShareBuilder investment plan.

Website Navigation Updated

There will be a few tweaks to make things easier to get around after signing in. The “Trade” tab will be re-named “Invest”. The “Account” tab will also appear first, at the left end of the navigation.

A sneak peek at the new navigation is included below! will keep you updated on any further changes.

sharebuilder preview 0526