TD Ameritrade (AMTD) has unveiled a new tool (live as of January 28, 2015) that allows retail investors to use social research to discover potential investment opportunities. This new tool taps into Twitter to find out which stocks other investors are talking about on any given day. Importantly, you don’t have to be an avid Twitter user, or even use Twitter at all to take advantage of this new research opportunity.

How do you go about using social research? After logging into your TD Ameritrade account, clients can enter a stock symbol in the global search box at the top of the page. You will now see a brand new “social” tab on the stock summary page between the “news” and “charts” tabs. Click on the social tab to see what Twitter users are saying about the company. Included in the new social tab are:

Selected Recent Tweets- A curated list of relevant Tweets about not only the stock, but the company and its brands. Tweets are filtered by SwanPowers and are refreshed in near real-time.

-Social Volume- The total number of English-language mentions on Twitter in the past seven days on the company, as well as its brands and products.

-Sentiment Indicator- Indicates the percentage of positive Tweets. In this area, clients can also compare social sentiment between different companies.

-Most Tweeted Brands- The most-Tweeted products and sub-brands connected with the company.

-Trending on Twitter- Find out what’s getting attention on Twitter. The most shared links relevant to traders and investors about companies and topics with a high level of interest.

Clients need not even have a Twitter account to use this tool, but those who do have Twitter are able to re-Tweet, respond, favorite, or follow another user by engaging through this social tab.

TD Ameritrade has put together a quick video showing how to use this new social research tool. The video can be viewed below. Also below is a screenshot of what the new tool looks like from the social tab with AAPL as the example stock.