TD Ameritrade announced the launch of TD Ameritrade U this week. It’s an educational program that seeks to help young people learn about investing through the powerful TD Ameritrade thinkorswim platform. A recent survey showed that only 11 percent of Generation Z, or “recession kids”, believe that investing in the stock market is the best way to save for retirement. That’s certainly a concern, and it is something that TD Ameritrade wishes to address with this new website and program. Most students learn something about the stock market in high school during their finance and economics lessons, but TD Ameritrade believes that a program like TD Ameritrade U is the perfect way to introduce real life trading and investing strategies into the classroom.

TD Ameritrade U is available at no cost to professors, instructors, and affiliated faculty members at accredited public universities and colleges. With this program, professors can create trading drills that allow them to better show how certain concepts play out in real life rather than simply using a textbook. In addition, students in the program will be able to use paperMoney in their individual accounts to test trading and investing theories. Equities trading, options, futures, and forex are all available on the platform.

Students are able to take part on the TD Ameritrade U platform after a quick free download to either their computer or mobile device. The TD Ameritrade U website will serve as an interactive learning community.

Want to know even more about TD Ameritrade U? TD Ameritrade has an informative video about the new program: