TD Ameritrade (AMTD) recently announced more website enhancements. Clients will see the enhancements the next time they login to their TD Ameritrade account. Back in November, blogged about the website redesign from TD Ameritrade including a new customizable My Dock feature. Now, TD Ameritrade is making even more changes. What kind of changes will clients see?

TD Ameritrade Key Website Enhancements

-The SnapTicket feature has been upgraded to be even more convenient. Clients can get streaming quotes and access to more frequently used tools than ever before through this feature. As always, you can still quickly enter orders through this tool as well.

-Order Status- You can now check your order status through the expanded SnapTicket menu without having to go to the order status page.

-Message Center- Check your messages and see messages immediately as they arrive.,

-Market close countdown clock- Through the expanded SnapTicket menu you can keep an eye on how much time is left in the trading day. How much time do you have to make more trading moves? Keep an eye on the clock.

The TD Ameritrade SnapTicket is definitely at the center of these most recent website enhancements. TD Ameritrade also offered a video to show the updates to their website. Click here to see the video.