We’ve blogged about the TradeKing and Zecco big merger here before at StockBrokers.com, but there have been some important updates we wanted to pass along. An email from Zecco CEO Donato Montanaro explained several aspects of the merger that we have speculated about before. First, all Zecco accounts will be transferred over to the new TradeKing site on December 7th. The migration of client accounts to the new combined company by the end of the year (less than two months away) clearly shows that the process is moving along nicely.

What about the new TradeKing’s logo? Montanaro stated that the Zecco “candlesticks” icon is sticking around. The candlesticks icon has previously been pink, but with the newly formed company it will be blue. The candlesticks icon appeals to traders who use candlestick charting, so keeping that look seems like a good move.  The new logo (shown above) is very clean looking, and it is a nice mixture of the color schemes and icons that the two companies have used for the past few years.

What else will be new by year’s end for the newly formed TradeKing?

  • TradeKing Live – Zecco clients will have access to the TradeKing trading platform with streaming market data and news.
  • Trader Network – Zecco clients will have access to the TradeKing community in replacement of the current Zecco community.
  • Fixed income center – Zecco clients will have access to TradeKing’s fixed income research which includes the ability to search, analyze, and trade 10 different bond types.

Stay tuned with our blog for further updates on the finalizing of the merger.

Current clients can also find more information on the merger on the TradeKing website.