TradeKing and Zecco have completely their merger, and TradeKing has put together an informative page to show how the new TradeKing looks after many updates over the last year. The Zecco brand had built up a very nice following over the years, and TradeKing has done its best to transfer some of the best Zecco features right over to the new TradeKing. At the same time, there were some areas where the two merged companies were able to come together and create an even better product for users. What is going on at TradeKing right now?

Here’s a look at some of the most important updates from the past year:

-TradeKing Live, an active trader platform that lets clients use fast-performing tools and real-time information

-TradeKing Forex, a new offering from the company which allows clients to diversify their portfolio

-Highly rated mobile apps for both iPhone and Android combining the best from both Zecco and TradeKing into one place.

-A very popular Trader Network social community. Investors can share experiences and collaborate for trading ideas.

-A highly rated support staff. Both Zecco and TradeKing were highly rated in this area, and the new TradeKing is no different.

The new TradeKing has more than 500,000 accounts and $2.6 billion in assets as of March 2013. TradeKing has put together a great infographic to show what has happened with the company since the Zecco merger was first announced. Click here for more information. Below is the infographic regarding the new TradeKing.