TradeKing Group Inc., the parent company of online broker TradeKing Securities, has announced the creation of a new subsidiary, TradeKing Media. TradeKing Media will serve as the the primary resource for the full portfolio of educational content as well as the collaboration channels available to all investors (including investors who aren’t client of TradeKing Group). TradeKing also announced it has acquired Trader|OS to provide a foundation for TradeKing Media’s offerings. Trader|OS is a real-time financial news and collaboration platform for investors that excels at social trading.

Donato Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing Group, said that he believes that TradeKing Media will allow the average investor access to the same information and real-time collaboration that a professional trader has. David Elias was the founder of Trader|OS and he’s now the President of TradeKing Media. He said, “We could level the playing field for individuals to make better investments from real-time information previously only available to professional traders on expensive subscription-based terminals.”

The Trader|OS platform provides:

-Customized news and social feeds

-Live collaboration features such as ability to create, curate, and share charts

-A fully-integrated App Store

-TradeKing|TV will offer broadcast channels with content covering specific areas of interest

TradeKing promises to add more rich functionality to the Trader|OS platform over time. Future adds include strategy and copy trading for a higher level of transparency in trading.

The Trader|OS platform will be rolled out to TradeKing clients over the next month or so. will update with future updates to TradeKing Media.

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