Looks like TradeKing’s scheduled weekend maintenance update has turned into a nightmare. Here’s the original tweet from last Friday, January 29th:

tk tweet 5

On Monday, February 1st, customers were not able to place trades. TradeKing’s solution was to have customers email a TradeKing service rep and call in orders:

tk tweet 4

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 2nd, some TradeKing customers were still not able to place trades and continued to experience website issues. This is the second trading day in a row, day three including Sunday. Needless to say, customers aren’t very happy:

tk tweet 1

tk tweet 3

Also yesterday, TradeKing posted up a thread on the TradeKing forum covering the matter and apologizing for the issues,

TradeKing Site Update

On Monday and Tuesday, some clients experienced issues trading on TradeKing.com. We realize these kinds of issues are unacceptable, and we’re doing everything we can to make things right. Our technology team is working around the clock and won’t stop until every aspect of our site is working flawlessly.

What happened

Over the past weekend, we conducted a planned move of some of our systems to a new data center. For some clients that move resulted in issues with site availability and some functionality.

What we’re doing

Our technology team worked on the site and was able to restore most of its functionality. The team is continuing to work to resolve the remaining issues.

Our service team is available via phone, email and chat, as always, to help our clients with their accounts.

We love having you as our customer and apologize for any issues you may have experienced. Thank you for your patience.

Kevin Delo, CIO TradeKing

While certainly a major headache for TradeKing tech and a frustration for customers, it is important to note this outage has not effected all customers. I placed an equity trade in my personal TradeKing account yesterday (one of many we use for testing here at StockBrokers.com) and had no trouble.

We have no other information at this time and will update this post as the story continues to unfold. Follow @TradeKing for the latest.

UPDATE 3:17 PM: A user has informed us of a Reddit thread following the issue.

UPDATE 02/04/16 8:26 AM: Title updated to reflect outage of three days, not four. The site was inaccessible for some customers on Sunday and Monday, with trading issues throughout the day Monday. Then, on Tuesday, most website and trade issues were corrected, although some still experienced trouble. On Wednesday, the site was fully restored. Thus, three total days, not four.