tradeMONSTER is making an addition to its mobile trading platform. They announced this week at the Apps World Conference in San Francisco that liveACTION, their custom options market scanning tool, is available immediately on the tradeMONSTER mobile app. This will give users another tool to use when trading options on the mobile system that has been highly rated for options traders. In the annual tradeMONSTER Review, we said that “the broker is fantastic for options trading.”

What exactly is the liveACTION tool? It is a tool that scans real-time options, stocks, and ETF streaming quotes for unusual yet insightful market data to help users identify unique and actionable trading opportunities. The “My Scan” feature allows traders to choose from over 140 real-time criteria and create custom scans for their personalized trade ideas. This tool is now available to tradeMONSTERS users on the go with the mobile app.

Sanjib Satoo, CTO, said “At tradeMONSTER we’re always looking for innovative ways to put more powerful, insight-revealing, yet easy-to-use ¬†tools into the hands of our customers.” He went on to say that he believes having liveACTION as a part of the mobile trading platform allows users to access high performance scans in just seconds, which makes trading closer to device-agnostic.

Click here for the full press release from tradeMONSTER on adding liveACTION to the mobile platform.