Recently, tradeMONSTER announced the unveiling of its new Chaikin Power Tools app for the iPhone. Mark Chaikin has been on Wall Street for more than 40 years, and his technical indicators are highly regarded in the industry. He has introduced a suite of groundbreaking stock tools for investors. The centerpiece of Chaikin Power Tools is the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. It is a completely unbiased 20-factor model that condenses huge amounts of complex data into simple displays. As you might expect, bearish is symbolized by red while bullish is symbolized by green. This Power Gauge Rating has been back-tested by ten years of data.

In the past, this kind of information was only available to Wall Street professionals. Now this industry-leading tool is available as a free download to tradeMONSTER members.

Members can use the Chaikin Power Tools app for tradeMONSTER to:

  •  – Trade stocks, options and spreads instantly from the app with an opened tradeMONSTER account
  • – Access the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating on each of 5,000 stocks to help you make a buy/sell decision
  • – Order Chaikin Power Gauge Reports, on-demand research reports on 5,000 stocks

The tradeMONSTER platform has always been extremely flexible and easy-to-use for investors. Adding a popular tool such as the Chaikin Power Tool app is definitely a positive for the mobile trading capabilities of tradeMONSTER.

For more information on this new Chaikin Power Tools app for the iPhone on tradeMONSTER click here.