tradeMONSTER announced the addition of futures trading this week. Users will now be able to access futures inside the tradeMONSTER platform right alongside stocks and options trading. The broker has consistently spoke about making sure their users are able to access and assess risk from one screen. That screen will now include futures.

Executives at the company were very excited about the unveiling of futures on their platform. Aric Forsythe, head of product development at tradeMONSTER Group, spoke of the importance of this move. Forsythe said, “With our futures integration, tradeMONSTER customers can easily evaluate the performance and risk of all their positions, regardless of asset class, and that gives them a major advantage over their peers.”

What features should investor look for in this new futures area at tradeMONSTER?

-Vertigo, which is their take on the ladder is a tool which should help users who are looking for interactive trading.

-Drag and drop open orders

-Access to trading commodities, interest rates, and currencies


One hundred of the most popular and liquid dollar denominated futures contracts are available now, and tradeMONSTER will be adding more in the future. Futures trading will cost $1.50/contract (per side).

One more important note for tradeMONSTER users. If you already have an account, you will still need to open a separate futures account with tradeMONSTER. Simply login and begin the futures application.

For more information on futures at tradeMONSTER click here.