A little more than a year ago tradeMONSTER released the liveACTION real-time market scanning tool. It’s popularity has grown quite a bit over the past year, and last week tradeMONSTER announced a new addition to liveACTION. Clients are now able to create real-time custom scans to find personalized trade ideas. The real-time custom scans feature will allow tradeMONSTER customers to choose from over 140 criteria for quotes, statistics, and fundamentals that lead to new trading ideas. Like all tools on the tradeMONSTER platform, this real-time custom scans feature is completely free of charge.

The liveACTION tool already has 100 preset market scans available, so this will simply be an addition to that tool. Customers can name custom scans, add descriptions, add additional filters, and save up to 50 scans. This is streaming data with up to the second information.

Jim Swartout, President at tradeMONSTER said, “With the addition of Custom Scans, tradeMONSTER customers can create more personalized trade ideas to better fit their investment objectives.” He believes that having the ability to filter by selections such as implied volatility will be invaluable to active traders.

Want to know more about how custom scans work in the tradeMONSTER platform? The company has set up a very informative video on how custom scans can help you. Click here to view the tradeMONSTER Custom Scans video.