TradeStation has teamed with qbeats to offer a new streaming research and news TradingApp in the TradeStation TradingApp Store. The qbeats TradingApp gives TradeStation clients access to institutional-quality research articles in real-time. It will offer coverage of forex, futures, equities, and other financial markets. The feed will draw from premium research companies such as Moody’s and Elliot Wave International.

qbeats 1

The qbeats TradingApp delivers unbundled content with no monthly subscription fee. While the app itself is free, some of the stories are available for a small fee. There are free stories as well. Story pricing is updated regularly, but all users will pay the same amount at any given time. The premium articles can be purchased on a pay-per-view basis. TradeStation believes this gives clients access to premium stories at a much more economical price than they would otherwise have to pay. The qbeats TradingApp can be searched by topic, symbol or company name, or you can use the symbol link feature.

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The first time you get into your TradeStation account and see qbeats, you will need to signup to create an account. TradeStation has put a $1 credit in your qbeats account so you can get started and see how the new TradingApp works.

TradeStation CEO Salamon Sredni said TradeStation clients can now make more knowledgeable trades with faster delivery of news they can act on with qbeats.

Below is a video with an overview of the qbeats TradingApp.