has been giving you tons of important information about the Twitter IPO ever since the company first announced it would go public, so we wanted to revisit Twitter (TWTR) now that it is a publicly-traded company. We’re in a social media world right now, and everything moves quickly in today’s economy. That was clearly true when it came to the Twitter IPO, which was originally set to price at $17 to $20 per share. After the company boosted the price range to $23 to $25 per share, the IPO actually priced at $26 last Wednesday night.

TWTR opened Thursday morning on the NYSE at a first trade price of $45.10 per share. Shares jumped to $50.09 before dropping back to finish the day on Thursday at $44.90. A price of $45 per share values Twitter at approximately $24.4 billion. Maybe the most important point of the day was that Twitter’s IPO went very smoothly. Company executives went to great lengths to ensure things went much more smoothly than they did for Facebook last year. Anthony Noto was Goldman Sachs top banker for Twitter, and after the stock traded for a while with no problems he tweeted out “Phew!” on his Twitter account.

Twitter was the most actively traded stock on Thursday, with slightly more than 117.3 million shares changing hands over the course of the day. An IPO with that kind of action has to be a welcome sight for online brokers, because increased activity in the stock market is always good news for the brokers.

Shares of Twitter have slowly fallen to the low 40’s over the past few trading sessions. A look at Twitter’s stock chart from its first five days as a publicly-traded company is below.