Vanguard has launched a new portfolio analysis tool that allows you to gauge your asset allocation right from your mobile device through their mobile apps program. Vanguard has upgraded their entire mobile apps system, and the portfolio analysis tool is something that the company believes will help investors meet their own goals.

With this portfolio analysis tool, investors can view total asset allocation and compare it to a model portfolio provided or to a custom target. Importantly, to help manage multiple investment goals, this new app allows investors to build a custom group with its own target asset mix. Your portfolio’s exposure to various market┬ácapitalizations, sectors, and even bond characteristics are viewable through this app.This portfolio analysis tool is available on the Vanguard app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The new portfolio analysis tool isn’t the only thing new about the Vanguard mobile app. Recent updates also allow investors to view and compare data from several markets and filter information by time frame to help spot trends. In addition, messages and statements are now available by quickly tapping the menu icon in the app.

Vanguard has provided a one-minute video which explains the portfolio analysis tool. Below is the video!

vanguard mobile app