Television commercials are extremely important to major companies. It is their best chance to make an impression with their target audience. Brokers know that they must produce impressive television spots if they want to bring in new investors. Over the last few years, you can really tell that brokers have invested a large amount of money into commercials. The quality of broker commercials has improved, which has raised the bar for each new advertisement that is released.

Companies have gone about advertising their business in different ways. Some brokers have taken the route of attempting to show investors what they are missing out on. Some online brokers have decided to try to get extra exposure by producing funny commercials. In some cases, brokers have tried to show empathy to investors during a tough period for the stock market. There are many different strategies being used in the industry.

Which are the best broker commercials?

Top 5 Broker TV Commercials

5. thinkorswimTrading Platform – The thinkorswim commercial that airs quite frequently on CNBC is a solid advertisement. It’s a fast-paced advertisement, and it is geared toward traders who expect more from their brokerage. The advertisement highlights the terrific trading platform that thinkorswim possesses. The company does a good job playing to their customer base, which is the active trader.

4. Charles SchwabDo Something – During the height of the stock market meltdown in 2009 Charles Schwab was playing their commercial “Do Something” extremely often. The message delivered was that 225,000 who signed up with Schwab decided to change their course of action and take matters into their own hands. The advertisement starts out with “When I think of the mess that we are in right now, it’s just not right.” Charles Schwab did well to capture the feelings of the average investor, and make them believe they have a more profitable option.

3. ScottradeChad Ridgeway Restaurant – Scottrade has been one of the most aggressive of the online brokers when it comes to using TV commercials to expand their customer base. Their recent commercial with Chad Ridgeway at a fancy restaurant allows them to combine humor as well as get their message across to investors. The boss wants to know why they are losing customers to Scottrade, and Ridgeway lets him know that mobile trading and $7 stock trades are probably the cause for it. It’s an effective commercial that drives home the point of Scottrade being affordable.

2. TD AmeritradeSam Waterson Independence – TD Ameritrade brought in Law & Order’s Sam Waterson to be their spokesperson back in 2006. I believe that has proved to be a great hire for the company. Waterson speaks eloquently and the continual motto of “Independence is the spirit that drives America’s most successful investors,” is a very persuasive one. Investors want to have their own independence, and TD Ameritrade has tapped into that emotion.

1. E*TradeE*Trade Babies Airplane – The E*Trade Baby Commercials have become the most successful broker TV commercials on the air. The Super Bowl 44 ad where the babies are in an airplane is a great one. Everyone loves cute little guys, and these two are hilarious. Mike thinks the pilot is his dad, while the other baby is speaking of E*Trade’s technology platform that saved him a “pant load” of money. Commercials like this one have helped E*Trade build up its brand name nicely in the past few years.

These brokers have done a great job marketing themselves to the public through these television spots. allows you to check out the best stock brokers in many different fashions, so utilize all the tools and find the right broker for you.