Capital One Investing has launched a fund evaluator tool in its Digital Research Center. This is a free tool designed to make the world of mutual as well as exchange traded funds easier for investors to navigate. The new Fund Evaluator allows users to access and review key mutual fund and ETF data quickly. Users are able to compare a set of mutual funds and ETFs based on certain criteria. The Fund Evaluator allows investors to find comparable or alternative funds that align with individual financial goals.

Yvette Butler, President of Capital One Investing, said this tool was formed to help simplify the research process for investors. Butler said, “Our goal in designing Fund Evaluator is to offer a straightforward and transparent approach to fund research, and is the latest innovation supporting our reimagined approach to empowering investors with the right mix of digital tools and human advice and guidance.” Sunjay Pandey, VP of Product Development at Capital One Investing, said, “Financial technology is revolutionizing the retail investing experience, and we’re taking a holistic, customer-centric approach to building tools and experiences that make investing a more seamless, intuitive part of daily life.”

The images below give you an example of what the Fund Evaluator tool looks like. Click here for the full press release from Capital One about this new tool.

capital one investing fund evaluator

capital one investing fund evaluator comparison