For customers of optionsXpress, patience has finally paid off. is now the official home for all optionsXpress customers.

The original optionsXpress integration was announced way back in March 2011. Talk about a journey.

Barry Metzger, Senior Vice President of Trading Services, commented,

“We are thrilled that our optionsXpress clients are now fully integrated into the Schwab experience. Our strategy with this integration has been focused on two things: making sure our optionsXpress clients have a seamless transition to Schwab, and building a world-class derivatives trading experience for our clients to round out our trader offering – a unique combination of robust trading platforms, competitive pricing and renowned education and support. We are proud we’ve delivered on these promises while making significant investments to modernize Schwab’s underlying trading infrastructure to benefit traders and investors across the firm.”

And for optionsXpress customers that seek the same comforts of the original optionsXpress experience, Schwab has ported the primary trading experience, now called StreetSmart Central. From the website, “With StreetSmart Central, you’ll be able to trade equities, options, futures, and futures options—and access portfolio margin—just like you do today at optionsXpress.”

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