Charles Schwab is offering a new way to trade through the newly released Trade Source. Trade Source is designed to make the overall trading experience better. The ability to do multiple things from one location allows investors to multitask.

What kind of features does Trade Source have?

*Track Your Portfolio- The ability for the investor to view an overview or dig deep for detailed portfolio information

*Market Monitoring– Track market activity and trends related to your portfolio with the Stay Connected Module.

*Find Trade Ideas– Clear trading opportunities can be found surrounding your current holdings or the market in general

*All-in-One Trade Ticket– This new feature allows traders to place stock, ETF, and multi-leg option orders. This includes newly launched 3 and 4 leg trade capabilities. would like to see Trade Source become more customizable in the future. It would be nice to be able to modify how the different modules inside Trade Source are laid out.

Below are some screen shots from Schwab’s Trade Source:

A look at the Stay Connected Module –

Schwab Trade Source 3 STay connected tab

A look at the portfolio tab –

Schwab Trade Source 2 Portfolio Tab

A look at the new All-In-One Trade Ticket feature –

Schwab Trade Source 7 trade ticket