In what appears to be a slow and methodical roll out, Charles Schwab is opening the doors for clients to use voice authentication for phone support calls.

A client email was forwarded to us over the weekend with the announcement. Running a quick Google search revealed others have come across similar emails throughout May, suggesting Charles Schwab is taking its time rolling the new Voice ID out to its nearly 10 million customers. For my personal Schwab account, I have yet to receive the email.

Breaking down the email text, the key lies in the phrase, “Schwab Alliance Representative” which is not a regular Schwab customer service agent. From a Schwab help page I found that Alliance program is, “A premium service designed to complement the expertise and the personal advice of your advisor.”

Thus, Schwab is rolling the service out to clients with advisors first.

Here is the email which was titled, “Introducing voice ID, a new way to access your accounts”. Screenshot at the bottom.

Charles Schwab is pleased to introduce voice ID.1 Whether you want to use the automated phone service or speak with a Schwab Alliance Representative, voice ID is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to securely verify yourself over the phone.

How does voice ID work?
Voice ID replaces personal identification numbers2 (PINs) and identity verification questions with the security of your voice. This new service authenticates you by identifying different behavioral and physical characteristics unique to your voice.

Once enrolled in voice ID, you can be authenticated just by repeating one simple phrase: “At Schwab, my voice is my password.”

Enroll today. Call 800-515-2157.

Schwab voice id