ETRADE is wrapping up private BETA testing of its new Margin Analyzer tool for ETRADE Pro and we had a chance to take a look.

The tool is a more advanced iteration of the margin analysis functionality made available on the website in mid 2015. Designed for clients needing a quick way to run sophisticated margin calculations, ETRADE has done a good job making the tool accessible and easy to use.

Margin Analyzer allows clients to:

  1. View their full portfolio and the current real-time margin requirements for each position (see screenshot below).
  2. Lookup individual securities and assess their requirements before taking a trade. This includes adding option legs and running hypothetical complex option trades.
  3. Run current positions through the margin calculator to determine how the portfolio is impacted in the case of a sale. This is especially useful during rare margin calls.

Margin Analyzer for ETRADE Pro will exit private BETA in late January and slowly roll out to all clients thereafter.

etrade margin analyzeretrade margin analyzer 2