ETRADE has launched its new TipRanks functionality which promises to serve as a, “one-stop shop for aggregated stock analyst recommendations, analyst rankings, and social sentiment.”

etrade tipranks social sentiment

Social sentiment and analysis is quickly becoming a hot new trend in the brokerage industry, one that is monitoring closely. In fact, in the 2016 Broker Review set to be published February 16th, a brand new variable was added for social sentiment analysis.

Like analyst recommendations, investors should approach social sentiment with caution and conduct their own research. Just because the consensus is bullish doesn’t mean a particular stock is a buy, for example.

That said, what’s nice about ETRADE’s new TipRanks product is the depth and variety of analysis offered. It should be fun to watch the product evolve in 2016 and beyond.

From the customer announcement email we received:

TipRanks gives you a clearer picture of what the industry’s top-performing analysts say about your favorite stocks. Every day TipRanks scours the web for opinions from leading analysts and financial bloggers. Then, using sophisticated technology, it identifies those analysts with a track record of success based on historical returns.

  • Consensus buy/sell recommendations from 3,700 analysts, plus their ranked performance
  • Market sentiment from more than 4,500 financial bloggers, including a breakdown of the websites they come from
  • Individual stock recommendations and price targets from top-performing analysts across the web

TipRanks is live for all ETRADE customers. To view TipRanks, login and pull up a quote for any equity. Customers can view both summary and detailed TipRanks analysis. Screenshots from my personal ETRADE account below.

etrade tipranks menu

etrade tipranks social sentiment analysis chart

etrade tipranks social sentiment analysis recommendations

E*TRADE Helps Investors Find the Signal in the Noise with TipRanks