Interactive Brokers (IBKR) has announced multiple upgrades to their Trader Workstation Platform. These updates addressed several different areas. We take a look at some of the key new features below.

Adaptive Algo Order Type– Marketable orders are usually known for faster fills. Non-marketable orders can deliver a better price, but can take a long time and sometimes don’t get filled at all. Interactive Brokers is bringing in Adaptive Algo Orders which is designed to adapt to market conditions to better the fastest fill at the best all-in price. Note that this type of order can be used as Adaptive Market or Adaptive Limit order depending on your objective. The image below gives you a look at this new feature.


Integration of External Accounts- Portfolio Analyst has been upgraded to allow clients to see the current performance of all financial accounts. This includes investment, checking, savings, and even credit card accounts held at outside institutions.

-Bloomberg TV and Traders’ Insight in Mosaic News Panel- Bloomberg TV and Traders’ Insight are both now available in the Mosaic News Panel. Clients can add these feeds by going to Mosaic and clicking the News tile in the bottom left corner of the interface and clicking the icon to add a new tab.

-Portfolio Builder- A tool that starts with four predefined editable templates and allows investors to create and invest in custom-designed strategies. Clients have the ability to track the performance of these user chosen strategies. The number and types of criteria has been significantly increased. There are dozens of new fundamental criteria for investors to use. There are also customizable backtest settings inside this tool. A good look at the features of this tool is below.


-Apple Watch- Easily check your investment information right from your Apple Watch. This is now configurable as an Apple Watch Glance. Check on things such as Trades and Orders, Net Liquidation, and Current Positions. Image below.



Interactive Brokers also introduced new online API documentation hosted on GitHub. These changes are already available for clients and can be seen when logging into your account.

The full notes from Interactive Brokers about these updates can be found here.