When researching and shopping online we are always performing one main task, comparing. Whether it is computers, TVs, new vehicles, or in our case online stock brokers, we are always seeking out the best option for our needs.

That is why today we are launching the most comprehensive comparison tool yet for online brokers, versus pages. Starting today you can now take any online broker we track here at stockbrokers.com and compare it to another in a head to head broker faceoff.

Below you will find a screenshot of one of the new comparison pages, in this case Zecco vs Etrade.

compare online brokers

The stockbrokers.com site has now made it infinitely easier to compare your favorite online brokers side-by-side with our new VS. pages. The main comparison categories include:

Broker Commissions & Fees: Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, Broker Assisted, and Minimum Deposit
Ratings: Commissions, Trade Tools, Customer Service, and Research
Tools & Extras: Various account and trading features including Mobile Trading & Investment Education
Recap: Overall stockbrokers.com Rating

Our research staff has spent 100s of hours sorting through data and testing broker websites, tools, etc. to establish the ratings and data you see. It was a huge undertaking but we are very excited to have the pages finally finished and ready for public use.

The new VS pages can be found on the right sidebar of any online broker review. Screenshot below taken from the Scottrade Review page (see yellow highlight):

As we continue to add more online broker reviews the total number of comparison pages available to utilize will grow. Our staff will also be adding in additional categories and subcategories to make our vs. comparison even more in depth.

Please email us to let us know your thoughts on this newest feature or simply leave a comment below!