OptionsHouse has developed three new features to help enhance the stock trading experience.

Mobile Trading
The new OptionsHouse mobile trading platform delivers all of the great stock trading features of OptionsHouse right to users’ phones:

  • Make trades and update positions
  • View OptionsHouse portfolio vitals
  • Get real-time views on account balances
  • Check active positions
  • Monitor portfolio performance
  • Get real-time quotes
  • View and trade from the options chain
  • Access OptionsHouse Watchlist

New Research Tab
The “Stock” tab is now the new and improved “Research” tab. OptionsHouse has enhanced the quality of existing features — company fundamentals, analyst opinions, and basic earnings data — and has added new features, including:

  • ETF data
  • Technical indicators
  • Historical strategy analysis
  • Market event calendar
  • Performance graphs correlated to earnings events
  • Analyst opinions
  • Insider trading information

Managing Accounts
With one click of the Manage Accounts function, in the upper right-hand corner of the window, OptionsHouse users get a summary of portfolio details across all of their accounts. This function also allows access to new account preferences such as paperless statements, which are now available on all accounts.