Charles Schwab (SCHW) made a major announcement earlier this week that will be a positive change for many users. Schwab Trading Services, previously known as “Active Trader” or “Active Trading Services”, will now be available without a trade minimum. In the past, these premium trading services were only available to traders who made a minimum of 36 trades per year. Now, these same trading services will be available to all clients.

What is included with Schwab Trading Services? Investors will be able to access the popular StreetSmart trading platforms. is the web-based program. StreetSmart Edge and StreetSmart Pro are both desktop-based platforms. The StreetSmart Edge platform is the most powerful and widely used of the bunch. In addition to this access, clients will have a dedicated team of trading specialists. The Schwab Trading Service also comes with an exclusive online trading community where users can communicate with other dedicated traders.

To request access to the Schwab Trading Services program, call 888-245-6864. Note that you must have a Schwab brokerage account to be eligible.

Less limitations and more open information and knowledge is always a positive for investors, and access to Schwab’s premium trading services should be a nice boost for the average investor looking to enhance his or her trading experience.

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Below is a look at the StreetSmart Edge trading platform-

streetsmart edge