UPDATE 06/23/16 – Scottrade has added a handful of YouTube videos showing certain features of the new design styling. Check them out.

Last week I received an email from Scottrade (read our review) tied to my personal account announcing that the Scottrade.com client area is FINALLY being redesigned.

Email Title: “Scottrade.com is changing soon.”

scottrade email teaser

We wanted to let you know
Scottrade.com is about to change — for the better.

Soon, we will roll out an updated look and feel, plus improvements to the navigation to help you better find the tools you are looking for. Rest assured, even though the site will look different, all of the functionality you’re used to remains in place.

In the coming weeks, please check back to our update page, which will be updated frequently with the newest information and changes.

Scottrade’s client side area has been LONG overdue for a design overhaul. I don’t know when the last design was launched, but its been years.

The email links to an updates page for a high level overview of what in store with the redesign.

scottrade new website design

So what are some of the main changes incoming?

  1. Cleaned up navigation – No main header navigation coupled with left sidebar navigation. Instead, the main nav will be hover friendly, revealing sub-navigation below.

That’s it for now. Just one change being teased, but its a huge one. Navigation has long been a pain point with the Scottrade client site. Here’s a screenshot of the current design.

scottrade current site

As soon as we learn more, we will report it your way.