Earlier this month we noted that Scottrade (read our review) had sent out a client email informing customers that a new website design was incoming.

Today, the new design has officially gone live in select Scottrade client accounts (we can safely assume the roll out to all x million clients will take place slowly and methodically).

Scottrade new website guide

Upon login, you are taken to a freshly designed customizable homepage. There are several immediate stand outs when focusing on the new header:

  1. The continued inclusion of your full account number underneath the logo. More on this below.
  2. The main navigation menu is now the primary navigation, no more left sidebar sub navigation. Hovering over each menu item reveals sub-menu links beneath.
  3. New quick launch buttons for the various platforms and tools: Scottrade Streaming Quotes, Scottrade ELITE, Launching Pad, Portfolio Review Tool.

Scottrade is unique in that it all customer accounts use their full account number as the login username. I can tell you first hand that without saving my login username and password to my browser, I would have no idea what my account number was and would have to look it up each time. It’s a PITA and unfortunately for Scottrade, they started this way years ago. To make a switch and allow millions of customer accounts to set usernames or use emails for login is hardly ideal (although I would certainly welcome it). Anyway, this is the most obvious reason why they still display the account number in the upper left corner.

The new experience is clean and certainly superior to the old archaic legacy design.

In my initial observation as I write this post, I can see myself taking some time to acquire comfort in using the new main nav menu, which should be expected. I am, however, a bit disappointed to see that streaming real-time quotes have not been added, but then again this is a design update and not a functionality refresh.

The Scottrade redesign focuses primarily on the website navigation menu and the navigation experience as a whole, allowing customers to have a Scottrade experience that requires less clicks overall. The footer quick quote / trade bar has also been refreshed.

Scottrade new website quick trade bar

Scottrade new website quick quote bar

For reference sake, here’s a screenshot of both the new design and old design.

Scottrade new website login

Scottrade.com legacy

And here’s the customer email we received titled, “We’ve updated Scottrade.com”.

Enjoy a new look and feel, and easily find tools and resources with an updated navigation menu.

We have updated Scottrade.com with a number of enhancements to improve your trading and investing experience. Log in to your ScottradeĀ® account today and experience the changes for yourself!

Scottrade new website email

UPDATE 4:02 PM – An official press release is now out.